Our company has machinery range from 1 die 1 blow to 7 die 7 blow in 5.000 mt² covered and 5.000 mt² open; total 10.000 mt² area with transfer machines, second forming cold forging presses and second forming machining machines, have monthly production capacity of 50 million pieces.

Ų 1,50 mm - Ų 8 mm / 230 mm, Ų 5 mm - Ų 10 mm / 100 mm, Ų 5 mm - Ų 12 mm / 130 mm, Ų 10 mm - Ų 10 mm / 300 mm, Ų 12 mm - Ų 24 mm / 180 mm Diameter 35 x 320

Our company tries to give the best service to our customers with seven sorting machines. We work with automotive sub-industry, durable goods, home appliances, furniture, small appliances and construction industries.

According to our customer demands, production has been made in iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and brass (MS). Additionally, our company cooperates in harmony with demands from all industries and special products

Our company which continues production with all time improvement and zero defect philosophy, promises to fulfill our valued customers needs on time, with high quality products and with competitive prices

To keep our customers’ satisfaction at high level, Micro/ Vickers devices measure surface testing and Rockwell devices test core hardness in our laboratories. We check tightening torques with torque meters during all process by SPC controls

With our 165 experienced workers, our aim is to satisfy our customers in domestic and international markets in terms of quality and services

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